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Founded 2007
Leipzig, Germany


The project ‘PILOTENKUECHE’ supports artists and is an international art program. Hidden in an old romantic factory, the independent project is organized by artists for artists. The team operates with a trans-disciplinary background between art & theory. The goal is to provide artists with a base to work from, and acts as a conduit to the local art scene. The project offers a diversity of programs and invites selected artists from around the world as well as handpicked local participants. While international residents come to work at the fully remodeled studio space for a period of three months, local artists are selected to participate on the artistic program. Each accepted artist is offered a stipend, provided by ‘PILOTENKUECHE’. During the programmed events, our 465m² studio becomes an exhibition venue. Our concept strives to create a communal space for experimental collaboration and discourse between participants, as well as with the greater Leipzig community.

Local Information

The project ‘PILOTENKUECHE’ supports artists and is an international art program based in Europe’s boomtown Leipzig, Germany. The mandate of PILOTENKUECHE intersects with the climate of the city as a whole, and we encourage our residents to explore its unique community. ‘PILOTENKUECHE’ is housed near Lindenau, a lively district where locals often converge for concerts, flea markets, art openings, Volxküchen, and at underground venues belonging to an ‘off space’ scene. Leipzig is also internationally recognized for the HGB art academy, The New Leipzig School, as well as the ‘Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei’, around which dwell several galleries, collectives, and independent studios. Given the affordability of the city, its proximity to Berlin and a dynamic freiraum culture, Leipzig has become a cultural focal point, where alternative art practices converge. In many ways, ‘PILOTENKUECHE’ is an international airport, and in many cases, our residents have decided to remain in Leipzig.

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